Refresh Your Daily Scrum with Alternative Questions

As Agile teams across the world participate in the Daily Scrum, they often rely on the standard three questions: What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? Are there any impediments in your way? While these questions provide a solid foundation, they can become monotonous over time. In this article, we’ll explore alternative Daily Scrum questions that can keep the meeting fresh and engaging, all while maintaining its effectiveness.

Daily Standup Alternative Questions and Format

Keep your Daily Standups Fresh!

Why Use Alternative Questions?

The Daily Scrum is a crucial aspect of Agile project management, as it fosters collaboration, communication, and transparency. When team members start to disengage due to repetitive questions, the meeting’s value may be compromised. By introducing alternative questions, you can:

  1. Keep the conversation fresh and engaging
  2. Encourage team members to think more deeply about their work
  3. Foster an environment of continuous improvement
  4. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices
  5. Strengthen team relationships and rapport

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Alternative Daily Scrum Questions

Daily Standup alternative format

Alternative Daily Scrum Questions

To mix things up and keep the Daily Scrum exciting, consider incorporating some of these alternative questions:

  • What was your biggest win since our last meeting?
  • What’s one thing you learned recently that might help the team?
  • What is the most important task you’ll be working on today, and why?
  • Is there anything blocking you or slowing you down that you need help with?
  • How can we better collaborate as a team today?
  • What’s one thing you could use support or feedback on?
  • Is there a specific part of our project or process that you’d like to improve?
  • How confident are you in meeting our current sprint goal?

Real-Life Example: Changing the Game with New Questions

Imagine a software development team that has been using the standard three questions for months. As a result, team members have started to disengage during the Daily Scrum, with some even checking their phones or drifting off during the meeting. The Scrum Master decides to try something new, asking the team to share their biggest wins since the last meeting.

As each team member shares their achievements, the energy in the room starts to shift. Team members listen intently and congratulate their colleagues on their successes. The atmosphere becomes more positive and supportive, and the team members leave the meeting feeling more connected and motivated than before.

Daily Scrum Planning Meeting

Developers Collaborating at the Daily Scrum

How to Implement Alternative Questions

While incorporating alternative questions into your Daily Scrum can be highly effective, it’s important to do so thoughtfully. Here are some tips for a seamless transition:

  1. Introduce the idea gradually, allowing team members to adjust to the new approach.
  2. Encourage team members to suggest their own alternative questions.
  3. Be flexible – not every question will work for every team or situation. Be open to tweaking and refining as needed.
  4. Keep the core purpose of the Daily Scrum in mind, ensuring that the alternative questions still support communication, collaboration, and transparency.
  5. Consider the specific needs and dynamics of your team when selecting alternative questions.

Final Thoughts

By mixing things up with alternative Daily Scrum questions, you can keep the meeting fresh and engaging for your team. This approach can foster a positive environment, promote deeper thinking about work, and encourage continuous improvement. Remember to be flexible and attentive to your team’s needs as you experiment with new questions.

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The Daily Scrum is a valuable tool for Agile teams, but it can become monotonous if the same questions are asked every day. By introducing alternative questions, you can breathe new life into the Daily Scrum and ensure it remains an engaging and productive meeting for your team. Remember that the ultimate goal is to facilitate communication, collaboration, and transparency, so be open to experimenting with different questions that best serve your team’s needs.