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My name is Mark Palmer, and I have over 25 years experience in software and product development. I've worked with Fortune 100 giants including NASA, DOD, Capital One, and Phillips 66, guiding them to peak success through agile frameworks. And now, I want to share everything I know about successful agile transformations with you.


✔️ Discover the 5 mistakes I see leaders make again and again.

✔️ Step-by-step proven solutions based on my 25 years of experience.

✔️ Experience a deep mindset shift and see your entire organization transform.

✔️ This FREE email course gives you everything you need to transform and stay relevant in today's market. 


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Here's everything that's inside:


Day 1:  Why Your Biggest Problem Starts With The Execs - And How To Get Them Onboard

Day 2: The Most Underrated Mindset Shift That Has To Happen For Agile To Succeed In Your Organization.

Day 3: Why Throwing Money At Your Problem Doesn't Work, And Why Trips To The Pub Do!

Day 4: Why You've Been Tracking The Wrong Numbers And What You Actually Should Be Measuring For Success.

Day 5: Why Your Well-Intentioned (Or Just Plain Scared) Managers Are The Reason Your Efforts Are Failing.

Bonus Day: My Exclusive Agile Leadership Audit Tool That Tells You Exactly Where You Stand, So you Can Make Informed Decisions About Where To Focus Your Efforts.


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