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What It Includes

  • One-on-One Mentorship: Two intensive sessions at the mentor's home or office.
  • Hands-On Learning: Gain insights into client handling, office management, invoicing, and more.
  • Strategic Planning: Dedicated time for strategy, goal setting, and action plans.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions ideally spaced 90 days apart.
  • Personal Involvement: Spouses and significant others welcome to join discussions and activities.
  • Comprehensive Support: Includes a six-month regular mentor program for continuous guidance.
  • Inclusive Experience: All meals covered during the mentorship sessions.

Why Choose Ultimate Immersion Mentorship

Our Ultimate Immersion Mentorship program offers a unique opportunity to deeply engage with your mentor, providing tailored guidance and strategic planning. This program is ideal for those looking to make significant progress in a short time.

The Benefits of Our Mentoring Approach

Since 2001, we’ve supported individuals from leading organizations such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, the US Federal Government, and others. Our approach ensures:

  • In-Depth Learning: Intensive, personalized mentorship sessions.
  • Continuous Support: Six months of ongoing mentorship for sustained growth.
  • Tailored Guidance: Direct, hands-on learning and strategic planning.

The Bottom Line

Our Ultimate Immersion Mentorship program offers a transformative experience, enabling you to make rapid progress toward your professional and personal goals. This immersive approach ensures you gain the insights and strategies needed for success.

Your Investment

The financial investment for the Ultimate Immersion Mentorship program is $9,500. This includes all one-on-one sessions, the six-month mentor program, and meals during mentorship.

Additional Details:

  • Payments are non-refundable
  • Participation is limited to ensure personalized attention
  • Start your journey at any time. There are no "breaks" or "freezes" in the program

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