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Elite Mentoring Services

Unlock your full potential with our high-powered mentoring programs, designed to elevate your personal and professional growth. Since 2003, our mentoring programs have driven significant improvements in revenues and performance for participants worldwide. Our programs are led by Mark Palmer, ensuring you receive best-in-class guidance and support.

The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

While coaching often involves structured, proactive support focusing on process skills and group dynamics, mentoring offers a more reactive, individualized approach that leverages deep personal experience and wisdom.

Traits of Successful Mentees

Our most successful mentees exhibit traits such as perseverance, business acumen, a strong support system, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to innovate. They demonstrate a continuous commitment to self-improvement and proactive change.

Mentoring Programs

Elite Access Mentorship

Experience unparalleled growth with our Elite Access Mentorship program, offering 6 months of unlimited access to personalized guidance. Benefit from strategic and tactical support tailored to your business needs, including setting fees, gaining visibility, and overcoming challenges.


  • Continuous personalized guidance to elevate your business.
  • Strategic and tactical support to address key challenges.
  • Unlimited access to expert advice and resources.

Investment: $3,500

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Structured Success Mentorship

Achieve your goals with our Structured Success Mentorship program, providing 6 months of goal-oriented mentoring. Receive a detailed game plan, regular check-ins, and accountability to ensure progress.


  • Goal-oriented strategies and timelines for success.
  • Regular accountability and progress check-ins.
  • Personalized support to achieve your objectives.

Investment: $6,500

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Ultimate Immersion Mentorship

Embark on a transformative journey with our Ultimate Immersion Mentorship program. Benefit from personalized, in-person sessions, 6 months of continuous support, and strategic guidance tailored to your unique needs.


  • Six months of unlimited mentor access
  • Intensive one-on-one sessions on two separate occasions
  • Spouses and significant others welcome to attend

Investment: $9,500

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With over two decades of experience, our mentoring programs have a proven track record of driving significant improvements for our clients. Our tailored approach ensures you receive the personalized guidance you need to succeed.

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